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LocalAds | Store Visits

LocalAds | Store Visits

Store Visits: Precision-Driven Campaigns for Increasing Foot Traffic

Elevate In-Store Customer Visits with Store Visits

Store Visits is a specialized programmatic advertising solution, strategically designed to boost physical visits to various Points of Interest (POIs), including retail stores, medical and dental offices, restaurants, and automotive dealerships. This tool is crafted for businesses seeking to amplify their on-site customer engagement with high accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Banner Ad Creatives: Custom ads specifically designed to attract visitors to your location or POI.
  • Advanced Traffic Measurement: Utilizes sophisticated technology to track foot traffic with an impressive 98% accuracy rate.
  • Regular Campaign Performance Insights: Delivers ongoing updates on campaign effectiveness through our advanced reporting platform.

How It Works:

  1. Precise Audience Identification: Targets mobile device IDs of individuals most likely to visit your store or POI by leveraging first-party location data, enriched with third-party data and other signals for enhanced accuracy.
  2. Comprehensive Audience Engagement: Graphs these first-party mobile IDs to all connected devices, creating People IDs and Household IDs. We then remarket to these individuals across our programmatic display network, consistently reinforcing the message to influence their decision to visit the store or POI.

Ideal for Various Business Environments:

  • Versatile for Different Industries: Exceptionally suitable for businesses ranging from retail and healthcare to restaurants and automotive services, looking to increase physical customer presence.

Targeted Advertising Techniques:

  • Data-Driven Audience Targeting: Employs advanced analytics for precise targeting and engagement of the most receptive audience.
  • Extensive Omnichannel Presence: Ensures broad visibility of your ads across multiple platforms, including over 5,000 premium websites and mobile apps.

In-Depth Campaign Insights:

  • Rich Analytical Reporting: Offers thorough insights into demographics, psychographics, geographic locations, and behaviors of potential visitors.
  • Continuous Marketing Throughout the Customer Journey: Maintains consistent marketing efforts to specific IDs across the customer journey, supported by comprehensive reports at every campaign phase.

Store Visits transcends traditional advertising, offering a strategic approach to converting online engagement into real-world store visits. By leveraging targeted, data-enriched strategies with high accuracy in visit attribution, Store Visits ensures your campaigns not only reach the right audience but effectively guide them to your physical location.

check_circleHighly Accurate Foot Traffic Measurement: Tracks incremental visitor traffic to POIs with a remarkable 98% accuracy, offering reliable insights into campaign impact.
check_circleEnhanced Data-Driven Targeting: Utilizes first-party location data enriched with third-party insights, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in targeting potential visitors.
check_circleEffective Omnichannel Remarketing: Engages targeted individuals across a vast network, including over 5,000 premium websites and mobile apps, to influence physical visits.

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